Double or Nothing Card, Predictions, More...

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Below is the official card, as of now, for the AEW debut event.
-Over the Budget Battle Royal
-Baker vs Rose vs Kylie
-SCU vs Strong Hearts/Team OWE
-Cody vs Dustin
-Hangman Page vs PAC
-AAA Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs Lucha Bros
-Omega vs Jericho

First, I figured I'd mention my predictions for the outcomes of these. The battle royal is a huge wildcard, and I am expecting a surprise participant to win. A few of the unannounced entrees into the match that I am expected include Ken Shamrock, Sadie Gibbs, Raven, Foley, Darby Allin, Joey Ryan, and Lita. Those are the bigger names that I am expecting and yes, I am expecting it to include women.

The women's three-way has potential, and I am picking Baker to go over here. I also expect to hear an announcement of a women's championship at some point during the show.

I see SCU going over in a strong match versus Cima and his students. I am not sure who will be coming along, but would really like to see El Lindaman and T-Hawk with him. That said, the whole Strong Hearts unit is great. I know they are running a tournament in OWE but I am unsure if that is to pick someone to team with Cima or if it's for entry in the battle royal etc. This should be better than many are thinking it'll be.

Brother versus brother. I told people as soon as they started teasing Cody's opponent that it'd be Goldust. I was right. This should be a dramatic contest that I think will also surpass expectations. Cody goes over here.

PAC didn't come in to fall to Page, but I also know they want Adam to be a big name in AEW. I see PAC winning but a ref bump and low blow might set that up.

The Young Bucks winning the AAA Tag gold recently was interesting because AAA did little to explain to their fans why they should care. It created a moment that left a lot to be desired, but it is what it is. Still, I think we'll be seeing Penta and Fenix reclaim the belts here and then a rubber match at Triplemania between the two teams. I think these failures set up a Matt vs Nick match at All In 2.

And, for the main event. I have been saying that CM Punk is bound for AEW for a while now. Basically before the promotion was officially announced. I've been hearing a lot of whispers from my insiders for months now, and I've kept most of this under my hat. His recent run-in has opened up pandora's box a bit, though. So, let it be known that I am calling Punk versus Omega for All In 2 in Chicago. I am unsure when they'll pull the trigger on the reveal, though, that he is...all in. I predict a lights out run in or after match, music hit moment followed by a stare down between the two. Will it happen here? No idea. Just wanted to say it now and get that out there. Don't take this as me sleeping on this rematch, though. Jericho and Omega will tear down the fucking house and give us a MOTYC. Omega goes over, either way.

All In was a big moment in wrestling. Double or Nothing will keep that going and set up AEW with a firm foundation going forward. Expect a home run.

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