Top 5 Wrestling Services (That Aren't the WWE Network)

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Let's be honest and admit here and now that there are a lot of sub plans for wrestling fans. Honestly, more than even the most diehard of diehard fans could ever really need. So, let's narrow it down to five. Five services that are worth your hard earned money and deserve your attention. Keep in mind, I recently posted a list of free streaming sites that feature wrestling, too.

These are all paid subscriptions.

-Highspots Network
Highspots offers some of the best bang for your buck and is arguably the best subscription service that exists. For $9.99 a month, you get a large collection including PWG, AAW, FEST, PROGRESS, and more. While some of these are pretty far behind, making it hard to be caught up on some of the bigger named companies, there's just so much content that it's hard not to find something to watch.

Formerly known as PowerBomb, IndependentWrestling features a roster that rivals Highspots. Here, you can watch stuff like CHIKARA, Beyond, and GALLI all for $10. They also stream live events frequently, and the Independent Championship is a pretty awesome concept. Use promo code: ONPOINT to get a free 20 day trial.

-Club WWN
WWNLive is home to EVOLVE, FIP, SHINE and more. For $9.99 you can see all of this plus DGUSA throwbacks. Being a member provides 50% off live stream purchases, with events being added to the VOD section roughly two weeks after the event day. There are extra perks, too. I know a lot of people have been sleeping on EVOLVE basically forever, but they really do tend to put on great shows. Just try for a month and see what you think.

-NJPW World
New Japan is the best promotion in the world for diehard wrestling fans. I'm pretty sure that's not that controversial of a statement. As a result, New Japan's subscription service is a must-have for all fans. At under $10 a month, you get access to basically every event including the road shows. My only issue is that they still lack a PS4 app. Just know that this, and most Japanese subscriptions, charge on the first day each month, so try to sign up at the beginning and not the end of the month.

-DDT Universe
I know DDT isn't everyone's cup of tea, but they offer so much content on their service that it's hard not to at least recommend that you check it out. Keep in mind that DDT Universe includes not only DDT proper, but also their spinoffs like Tokyo Joshi Pro and BASARA. I promise that you'll find something worth watching. It's under $10 USD and has a one month trial period. Go to their YouTube, check out a few videos, and give them a shot.

While there are several other great options, these five provide the best bang for your buck and should be be at the top of every wrestling fan's lists.

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  1. I considered adding them, since they have some great content and some partner feds on there, but they just missed out. If I made this a top ten list, they'd likely be included.