Top 5 Streaming Sites for Cheap Wrestling Fans

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I was working on a similar post that looked at the best subscription services, and realized that this one should be published first. Let's be honest, people are cheap. Now, I know a lot of us are broke, but even those with a lot of money seek out free things. So, without further hesitation, here are the the top five sites to legally watch wrestling for free.

YouTube is the home of multiple, weekly shows. This includes stuff like MLW Fusion, AAA Worldwide, and dozens more. If you're seeking a free source of wrestling, this is easily the best location. Make sure to subscribe and set up the notifications so that you never miss an episode.

While still relatively new, Twitch is a decent service that has apps available for basically any system or device you might have. Impact is airing their weekly show on the site now, and has aired some specials in the past, but others like AAA and CWF Mid-Atlantic also air on the service. Many allow you to subscribe to their specific account and watch hours of backlog material and, if you're a Prime member, you can do this free once a month.

I posted an article recently about Pluto, but the value of the platform really deserves being mentioned once more. Impact and AAA air 24/7 on Pluto, and there dozens of other fantastic channels worth checking out.

FITE is one of the best streaming sites for wrestling out there. Home to several promotions, who use the platform for ppv events, FITE also offers many weekly shows for free such as ROH, MLW Fusion, and CWFH.

Is this cheating? I mean, an estimated 90 million homes have Prime and there is a good chance you haven't explored the Prime Video section for wrestling because the site's navigation is complete shit. So, as long as you have Prime already, I guess this is kind of free...right? Oh, fine it's a cheat. Anyway, PCW Ultra, Dojo Pro, multiple documentaries, and more are available to you plus you can use the account on Twitch like I mentioned above.

A sister article looking at paid services will be posted soon as well as a few others that are of relation. Until then, what are your favorite sites from this list?

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