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Everyone knows the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and NHL. These are the 5 major US sports leagues after all. But, just like the wrestling indie scene, there are several fun alternatives out there for diehards. Perhaps you hate one of the major league's politics or you just love hockey so much that you want more. Well, this is for you. Included here are five leagues from five different sports and some basic info on each. You could easily consider them the equivalence to an indie fed, and I encourage you to give them a try.

-Football: CFL
I have been covering the Alliance since they happened to debut around the same time that I started this blog but, when it comes to alternatives to the NFL, you can't beat the CFL. They've existed for over 60 years, and feature a 21 week regular season that starts in June and ends in November. There are some differences from the American version of football, but you'll catch on quickly enough. Watch them stateside on ESPN networks.

-Baseball: ALPB
There are many baseball leagues in the country, but the Atlantic League is a personal favorite of mine. For baseball fanatics, this league features solid entertainment at low prices. If you don't live close enough to watch a game live, you can always watch online. As a Somerset fan, I watch here. Oh, and they just announced a partnership with MLB, too.

-Hockey: NWHL
My love of hockey brought me to the National Women's Hockey League due to one of their clubs being partners with the Devils. The budget might be less than some other women's leagues, but the NWHL has some wildly entertaining hockey to offer you. They stream live games and replays here and are currently nearing the end of their season.

-Basketball: FIBA
If you love basketball, and the FIBA YouTube channel is a gold mine. International basketball just has a different feeling than the NBA, and the tournament action is almost always entertaining. Plus, if you have a favorite player that fizzled out in the NBA, sometimes they turn up playing across the pond.

-Soccer: NWSL
The biggest women's soccer league in the country, NWSL features the best of the best and is the female equivalence to MLS here in the states. With a Lifetime Channel partnership putting the league on national television, NWSL also has a bigger budget than many of the female sport leagues out there, which helps ensure a high quality game.