Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 03/04/19
1.US Title: Truth(c) vs Samoa Joe vs Andrade vs Mysterio ***1/2
2.Humerto vs Lorcan ***1/4
3.Alexander vs Akira ***1/2
4.Falls Count Anywhere: Devlin vs Banks ****
5.Black,Ricochet vs Fabian,Marcel ***3/4
6.DIY vs Undisputed Era ****

Six matches this week. One of the main purposes of this blog is to bring you only the best wrestling out there and I will try to make that remain an accurate claim every single week. So, if you dislike the idea of watching over ten hours of WWE to just get half a dozen worthwhile matches, keep checking back.

Up first, Truth's reign comes to an end as Joe gets his first championship victory since being "moved up". In all, it was pretty good with a nice pace. Andrade and Rey continue to standout once more, even in defeat. I am assuming this sets up Joe versus Cena at Wrestlemania. Consider checking that one out.

The next two come from 205.

Humberto's development on the brand has been interesting. I love that Oney won here, and the contest was fairly good but nothing must-see.

The second was very good. Cedric and Tozawa are two of 205's best, and they showed why once again. The outcome wasn't a sure thing, which is always nice, and they both worked hard. Check that one out.

Our UK match of the week was fantastic. Devlin killed it again. This feud has been very entertaining, and I hope to see Jordan as the UK Champ by the end of the year. Outside of Dunne, WALTER and Devlin are the next best names to hold the strap. Check this one out for sure.

To finish, we have two Dusty Classic encounters.

Black and Ricochet put in for a great tag match against the artist formerly known as Axel Dieter and Fabian Aichner. Fabian held the EVOLVE Championship recently, for those who missed it. If you love great sprint matches, this one is worth your time.

To close things out this week, NXT gave us a TakeOver quality main event on their weekly TV series. It's sad that Ciampa's injury kills any plans they had for DIY, especially since UE put them over here, but at least we got a killer match out of it.

While watching everything WWE puts out is a chore, I hope this weekly list helps some of you out. Check out basically all of these, especially the falls count anywhere match and the last Dusty Classic contest.

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