Robots of the Ancient World: Cosmic Riders Review

While cruising YouTube, I stumbled upon this stoner rock album from Robots of the Ancient World. I've actually never given them a shot before, but the mention of Kyuss, the Doors, and Danzig in the description was enough to get my attention. Bringing up legends like those is a risk as you instantly set yourself up to be compared against their catalog, but Robots actually did very well to impressed me despite their unattended attempt at sabotage.

Hailing from Portland, Robots of the Ancient World clearly take influence from the above mentioned giants, but do well to modernize things a bit in a way that almost makes it seem like stoner rock is coming back for a new wave. While I have no real expectation to see that happen any time soon, Cosmic Riders proves to me that this group could easily be kings of the movement if it did.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Cosmic Riders, and recommend all fans of heavy stoner tunes to check this one out. Put simply, this is a great album.

This crew has a bright future ahead of them, so get in on the band wagon now.

Rating: ***3/4

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