AAA Worldwide:Tepic Pt.2 Review

1.Hijo del Vikingo vs Evans vs Taurus ***1/2
2.Aerostar, Taya, Maximo vs Faby, La Mascara, Monster Clown **
3.Psycho Clown, Puma King, Laredo Kid vs Los Mercenarios, Killer Kross ***

AAA gave us a very chaotic episode this week. Let's dig in and look at the second half of Mutter's favorite show of the year so far. Make sure you're voting in his ongoing tournament, by the way.

So, the opener was a pretty good spotfest. Taurus has been on of AAA's best workers, once again proving that here. Vikingo winning was a nice call, and everyone got a chance to shine. 

The midcard of the week was meant to push forward three of AAA's mincard angles that I don't care much about. It was ok, but really nothing to write home about. Easy skip.

The closer was a lot like normal, hectic AAA main events but was decently entertaining. The rudos looked strong during the extended beat down, the tecnicos looked good in their comeback victory, and they played the attack after well to set up more down the line. Too bad Fantasma is gone.

If you are short for time, just watch the opener. If not, know that this was a pretty entertaining episode even if it was very chaotic. That's kind of AAA's specialty, after all.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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