Born of Osiris: The Simulation Review

Born of Osiris - The Simulation.png
Born of Osiris are far from a perfect band, but their take on the djent genre is a decent one. With their latest release, The Simulation, the group decided to pack as much as possible within a 25 minute run time. Sadly, the creativity isn't turned up as much as I'd like here, but they do well with what they did give us and it helps add a sense of urgency.

Vocally, The Simulation sees a decent blend of clean and harsh rather nicely. The display technicality from the supporting cast is actually rather decent once more, too, which is one of Born of Osiris' best aspects. The chemistry between members is pretty clear, showcasing a level of professionalism and making the entire band look better as a result.

So, despite not being the most creative album of the genre and a short length that makes this more of a mini-album, The Simulation is a fairly good album simply because not everything needs to reinvent the wheel to be enjoyable. I see no need to tell you to run out and get this one, but at least check out a track or two and see if you perhaps like it more than I did.

Review: ***1/4

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