Road to War of the Realms Reading Order

When I started reading comics again, I looked at which events I had missed and which were coming up. Outside of DC's Metal, the biggest one to catch my eye was Marvel's War of the Realms which officially begins next month. That said, one of the reasons comics are covered here in my blog is in hopes of getting people to start reading them again. So, I looked around and located the required reading as we head toward War of the Realms.

Now, it is worth noting that if you want the FULL story, you'd have a pretty big task ahead of you. It'd require reading about six years worth of material. So, let's skip that since it's not really a reasonable expectation for myself nor for anyone this is in the target demographic.

All of the following are available now.
1. Avengers #14
2. Asgardians of the Galaxy #6
3. Thor #10
4. Avengers #15
5. Avengers #16
6. Asgardians of the Galaxy #7
7. Thor #11
8. Avengers #17

I'll be reading and posting reviews for these in the coming weeks.  I doubt I'll be doing the side stories once the event starts, but I hope you consider doing the same and reading the above books. Issue one of War of the Realms is on shelves April 3rd. If you'd like a more, in depth list you can find one here.

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  1. Hey Red, thanks for sharing the War of the Realms reading order that I created! You might be interested to know that I will be posting a guide for WWE comics in early April too.