Red's Top Teams of 2019

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So, like the best workers list, let's go ahead and take a look at the top ten teams/trios. The rankings are directly related to the rate of quality matches, using the best matches list and a special system for putting them in order.

Honorable Mentions: ALL OUT, Violent Giants, Minoru + Sabre, EVIL + SANADA, Sugiura-gun

10. SCU
The inaugural AEW Tag Champs shocked many by winning and have been a key part of the stacked tag division! Beating the Bucks to close 2019 was interesting and they are a good team working like a great team of late.

NOAH has sincerely rocked in 2019, and AXIZ is a major reason. Go and Naka gel so well, always providing for excitement.

8. O'Reilly, Fish, Strong
Undisputed Era is one hell of a group and my favorite part of NXT when I still watched. The sheer amount of talent in the group makes them worth mentioning, even if not for the decent catalog.

7. Haskins, Bandido, Hotsauce
Lifeblood hasn't been booked nearly as strongly as I'd like but I will say that this group is one of the best things about ROH right now and each of them has the skill and ability to be a top name for the company. With Juice MIA, I'd love Lethal to take over as leader but it looks more like the group is just going to die silently.

6. Scurll, PCO, Brody
Villain Enterprises has been booked strongly in ROH. Perhaps this is an attempt to get Scurrl to stay? I don't see him doing that and I think the group might have an expiration date unless they'll keep it alive without Marty. Still, they've been great and I'm enjoying them while I have them.

5. Aussie Open
Aussie Open are awesome and the dynamic they bring to the table is top shelf. With the European scene changing, they've largely tried to stay out of the drama but I wonder how much longer before they sign with a major fed.

4. LAX/Proud N' Powerful
Santana and Ortiz were one of the best parts of Impact but have now left for a bigger stage. As members of Jericho's Inner Circle, expect them to remain a central focus of Dynamite.

3. CIMA, El Lindaman, T-Hawk
The Strong Hearts group has more members but these three are the core. The OWE group works for W1, DDT, AEW, and a lot of other places and each member is worth checking out. CIMA should be proud!

2. The Young Bucks
The Bucks don't have a lot of matches under their belts this year, but each one has basically been worth seeing. They are not only arguably the best tag team in wrestling currently (and perhaps even of all time), but they are also leading AEW into tag team glory by creating one hell of a division to compete with!

1. Lucha Bros
Pentagon and Fenix had gotten to the point where they were working nearly everywhere, even for rival companies like CMLL and AAA at the same time, but now look to be mainly with AAA and AEW. The brothers are not only the best team in wrestling right now but they can main event solo matches, too. I can't wait to see what direction AEW goes with them.

Updated 12/31 COMPLETE

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