Dropping Weight on My New Diet

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A little over a month ago, I received a scary letter from the doctor. I was pre-diabetic, had cholesterol issues, and some other stuff that concerned me in the blood work results. I am a father of two and my biggest goal in life is seeing them both grow up.

So, I made a lifestyle change.

I stopped eating nearly everything that I used to eat regularly. No pasta, barely anything sweet.

I try to stay around 150 carbs a day. I drink only water and unsweet tea, adding some lemon juice from time to time and drinking at least a gallon a day. I exercise at least 30 minutes, five days a week. I am currently at five weeks of this new lifestyle and have already lost 13 pounds.

My goal is 30.

I have posted a few recipes here in the blog, and will continue to do so every once and a while. That said, here's an idea of what I tend to eat.

I typically start each day with a Perfect Bar and a small NOSA yogurt cup. I have a 16 oz glass of water from my cup to wash it down and then I head to the workout room.

Lunch tends to be the biggest meal of mine of the day. Frozen meals are a frequent for me since it's hard to make a full meal while also watching over the kiddos. This has been one of my favorites lately. Look at the nutrition listed on the back and try to find anything that is 50 carbs and under.

Having a light dinner is important. One of my favorite things has been making a quesadilla with a low carb tortilla and filling it with cheese and a variety of veggies. It stays well under the 50 carb a meal limit.

Look for low carb snack ideas. I have been mainly eating veggies with hummus or a pickle. It varies. I also allow myself a single piece of dark chocolate a day. Hersey's makes a bag that is a good price.

Keep in mind that every person is different and I am only speaking on my own experiences here. I am no medical professional and am not qualified to give any true advice. Talk with your doctor to ensure that any plan you have is acceptable for you.

I post this not to brag either. Instead, I simply hope this reaches someone and helps motivate them to make a change. Life is short. Don't make it shorter.

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