Dark Nights: Metal #1 Review

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We've arrived at the first issue of Metal as I work through the event reading list. The build up issues were pretty decent and set a tone nicely. This one pushed that even further.

First of all, Metal promises to be both dark in nature yet campy at the same time to ease the tension a bit. A strange mountain appears in Gotham, people are dying, and Batman runs away on a dinosaur.

I try to keep this blog pretty light on spoilers, but I will say that this issue delivered on my expectations and left me wanting more. I love how Hawkman is a big part of the arc, even if he isn't really involved (yet).

The biggest thing I will say is that if you aren't well versed in DC history, you might miss some of the nuanced stuff. Hell, I'm sure I missed some, too. Either way, I think there was enough meat here to make this an entertaining read for just about anyone.

This event has my attention, and I think readers of the blog that missed it should give it a look.

Rating: ***1/2

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