Check Out Awesome Comics Next Time You're in Dallas

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While most of the comics I read come from either Half Priced Books or ComiXology, every once in a while I have a desire to go to a local shop to load up. Today was one such day, as DC put out #1000 of Detective Comics. I had to get a physical copy for my personal collection.

Note that I am currently in Dallas but had yet to go to any of the comic shops in town. It is also worth mentioning that I am moving again soon, as the family does a decent amount of traveling.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a few minutes to give Awesome Comics some praise. The stereotype of comic shops being unfriendly is one that exists for a reason, and I have found most to be pretty bad in the past. Awesome Comics is the exact opposite, though. Not only did they offer nice discounts, but the staff was welcoming without being overbearing. I heard a few conversations between the staff and customers which proved that they were very knowledgeable and the selection was above average, too.

I picked up Detective Comics #1000, the first issue of the new Daredevil run, and a Daredevil figure for my daughter. I also grabbed the latest preview books. Along with the discounts, the employee gave me a few nice freebies which I appreciated.

If you're ever in the Dallas area, go give Awesome Comics some love. I'm sure you'll walk away happy. I know I did.

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