Cena's Mania Plans

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With nothing currently announced, it is worth noting that I'm hearing some rumors as to what WWE has planned for John Cena next week at Wrestlemania. Here are a few of the options I'm hearing:

-Cena replaces Corbin as Kurt's retirement opponent. Meltzer is saying this isn't the current plan, for what it's worth. I know Dave is pretty accurate for those who actually listen to him, despite what many in the IWC like to suggest, but we'll see.

-Cena joins Mysterio as a challenger for Samoa Joe's US Title, turning the match into a three-way.

-John works a simple cameo role at Mania, not working an actual match.

-Cena puts over an NXT call-up in an unadvertised match.

None of these are set right now, from what I'm hearing, but I'd lean toward the first two if I were to bet money on something.

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