Stone Star #1 Review

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comixCology, like all good subscription services, comes with a few originals. Their latest caught my eye, so let's give it a shot. Stone Star looks to be a five-part run, blending cyberpunk with a gladiator style tale. That hook alone should be enough to get your attention, too.

There's a bit of a space cowboy tone here, making this feel like it could fit in nicely as a Star Wars spinoff. Zub and Dunbar make a good team, creating an intriguing first issue that sets up some interesting plots for them to build off of. In particular, the arena setup and the massacre cliffhanger left me wanting to read #2, but the main character, Dail, seems like a rather decent protagonist in general.

This was a pretty good issue, and if you have a ComiXology account I suggest you give it a chance.

(It's only $2.99 if you don't have a subscription, by the way.)

Rating: ***1/2

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