Astronoid: S/T Review

Astronoid, a neon-metal group from Boston, have created a decent little fanbase since their formation with their blend of shoegaze and black metal. Vocalist Brett Boland provides a Sigur R├│s style approach to vocals over the Deafheaven-ish instrumentals, helping to separate Astronoid from the pack.

The only issue is that, as unique as they are, they stick to their comfort zone a bit too much. Their youthful spirit is part of the charm, I just wish they mixed it up a bit more as nearly every song sounds like a continuation of the album opener being played on repeat.

While nothing here was truly bad, I think the group needs to mix it up a bit more when they begin writing album three. I have a hard time recommending this one as a full album, but perhaps go watch a music video from the release (or better yet, go listen to their debut). You'll get the same effect, but likely have a better time unless you're just seeking something to play as background music.

Rating: **3/4

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