Select Match Reviews: Daniel Bryan & the Chamber of Eliminations

Matches from WWE Elimination Chamber
1.WWE Cruiserweight Title: Murphy(c) vs Tozawa ***3/4
2.WWE Women's Tag Titles,Elimination Chamber ***1/4
3.WWE Title, Elimination Chamber ****

These are the three matches that were recommended to me. Three, which is a rarity for WWE ppvs.

Up first, we have have the 205 cast showcased with another great kickoff show contest. The division might not get much respect from the company, but diehard wrestling fans know that 205Live has been one of the best weekly shows since they essentially rebooted it last year. Buddy Murphy's reign in particular has been one of the best in the business right now, and I look forward to his next defense.

Our follow up is the decision match for the new tag belts. It seems that they are having the women be dual brand, or at least in part. It's a bit questionable, but logical seeing as they don't have enough women on the main roster to really warrant tag titles for both Raw and Smackdown. Anyway, there were several sloppy moments and the quality fluctuated frequently, but it was still a fairly good match in all. The right team won, too. Not required viewing, necessarily, but go ahead and check it out for historical reasons.

The main event was fantastic. Everyone played their roles well, and Kofi even got to look amazing in defeat once more. One of the more memorable chamber clashes ever, with several hot moments and an endstretch that had everyone watching hooked.

If you're strapped for time and just want the best of the best from the show, these three were certainly worth catching.

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