Select Match Reviews: Ungovernable Fog

Match from CMLL Viernes 02/15/2019
1.Universal Tournament Finals: Terrible vs Niebla Roja ***1/4

We arrive at the finals of this year's tournament of CMLL champs, to crown the 2019 Universal Champion, with a match that no one saw coming.

A rivalry between fellow Ingobernable, Bestia, and Niebla Roja's brother, Angel de Oro, was worked in here. Both played seconds and Bestia actually cost Niebla the match.

The match itself was a good conclusion to the tournament and an enjoyable contest overall.

When CMLL announced that this year's Universal Tournament, it seemed like a set up to lead into the main event of the upcoming Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show. Sure enough, that is exactly what we got. If it'll be a rematch of this one, or a tag with Bestia and Angel is to be seen, but I can at least say that the two finalists and either of those main event options are surprises.

Consider checking it out. Jump about 2 hours into the stream posted above.

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