Match from Defiant Loaded episode 11
1. Aussie Open vs Team White Wolf ***1/4

Defiant revived their weekly show a few weeks back, but sadly the show has been pretty average most weeks. The good news is that every few weeks a nice little match airs that is worth checking out, and this was recommended as the most recent of such matches.

Last year, the White Wolf crew won me over quickly. A-Kid in particular. As a result, I've found myself seeking out any content I can featuring them. This time, we have a very nice matchup with them against standout team, Aussie Open.

Better crowd this time than usual, and a pretty fun match to go with it. Both pairs showed up nicely, and I hope this means more of WhiteWolf in Defiant. The iffy finish seems to suggest as much. I would have preferred a restart, as it ended right when it was picking up into something bigger, but as long as we get a rematch I'll be ok.