Select Match Reviews: To the Well Once More

Match from Impact 02/22/2019
1.Impact Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs LAX ***1/4

Yes, Impact is giving us another rematch already between the two pillars of their tag division. On one hand, the previous contests have all been enjoyable. On the other, it makes it seem like the division has no depth and wears out the matchup really fast seeing as they aren't really changing it up much or adding any extra stips as they go. Mix in several indie feds running the same contest, and you have an issue.

This year, we've seen these four men in some form of matchup against each other seven times. That's just in 2019.

It doesn't help that this one didn't hit the same level that the past encounters have, either. It was still good, but a step down in quality. Clearly, this was just meant to keep things going based off of the after-match attack from LAX guaranteeing at least one more defense. If you don't watch the indies, this issue is also likely less of one for you.

The good news? Despite all of the complaints listed above, this was still a good tag between them and should be considered for your lists to check out. Plus, the eventual blowoff might end up hitting MOTYC levels.

Honestly, I don't even care so much about the over-saturation we're seeing as long as the quality remains high. I just know others lack the same patience and Impact needs to be aware of that.

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