Match from STARDOM Queen's Fes 2019
1.High Speed Title:Hazuki(c) vs AZM ***1/4
2.Goddesses Title:Queen's Quest(c) vs AMA ***3/4

STARDOM, arguably the best women's wrestling promotion in the world, returns with two worthwhile title defenses. 

We start my pulls with Hazuki defending the High Speed belt against AZM. The champ was cocky here, once again forcing a challenger to step up to her level. They worked a fun, sprint of a title match that was fairly good.

Our final pull from the show is the main event, seeing the tag straps on the line. I'm really glad that Iwatani now holds the WOH title, and give Ring of Honor major props for the move. I hope it's a nice, long reign. Anyway, Momo and Utami took on Mayu and Hoshiki here in a great, hard worked defense, with AMA looking good in defeat. They will win these belts eventually.

Both of these were enjoyable. If you like joshi, especially, go ahead and check them out.