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Match from ZERO1 Overwintering 02/02/2019
1.ZERO1 World,Strong World Titles: Sekimoto(c) vs Hino ***1/4

Daisuke has already reminded us this year that he is still one of Japan's best talents, so when a big match featuring the large standout becomes available, I'm going to seek it out. Yuji Hino is someone that I've enjoyed over the years, as well.

This one is a big lads showcase, for sure, as both Hino and Sekimoto look like beasts made of pure muscle. Sekimoto came in with everything to lose, as he was putting up both the ZERO1 top belt as well as the Strong division strap from Big Japan. Since both were at risk, it sadly made it pretty clear that there was actually no chance at a title change. There were three options.

The first is Sekimoto winning clean, though I think ZERO1 would want to protect Yuji more than that.

The second was a shit finish. That seemed pretty unlikely, to be honest. Antics and bs aren't common in puro and ZERO1 tend to stick to that trend.

The final option is what we got, with a time limit draw between the two behemoths.

If you enjoy brooding pace, slow burners between two large power houses, this is likely something you should check out. Fairly good match.

Expect a rematch with just the ZERO1 belt on the line with Hino going over at some point.

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