Select Match Reviews: Horses in the Sky

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Match from AAA @ Pepsi Center
1.Poder del Norte vs Jinetes del Aire ***1/4

I prefer to watch AAA's Worldwide series that they add to YouTube, but it is now Thursday and the latest episode isn't here yet (they usually add them on Saturdays/Sundays). As a result, I figured I'd just pull recommended and interesting matches from their Twitch streams instead of waiting.

From the first tv taping event of the year, this is the sole contest that was worth seeing. Walking in, I had high hopes as both groups have been excellent lately and their last match, where the tecnicos won the Trios belts, was pretty great.

The two groups put on a show once more with this sprint,making seven minutes seem like two.
Fairly good contest. If you're in the mood for a chaotic trios match, here you go.

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