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Match from the Giant Baba Memorial Show
1.Kento,Sekimoto vs Tanahashi,Yoshitatsu ***3/4

When this show was first announced, I saw multiple people begging for dream matches that were never going to happen. Can't blame them for wanting to see a match like Tanahashi versus Miyahara, but even if they had given us that it wouldn't have ended clean. No, history proved exactly what this show would be, and that's ok. Knowing and expecting something helps you come to terms with reality. At least Yoshi isn't terrible, even if he isn't the same caliber.

So, Yoshitatsu being the 4th wheel here told me that he'd be taking the fall so that the big champs could save face while getting in a bit of offense on each other.
Sure enough, I was right on the money.

The point of this was to please the fans and honor a legend, and they did exactly that. If you want to see a fun tag match featuring three of the biggest names in puro, check this out. Well worth it, just don't walk in expecting a MOTYC.