Select Match Revews: The King, Bay Bay

Match from NXT 02/13/2019
1.Adam Cole vs Ricochet ***3/4

One of the things that holds me back from watching NXT every week is that the show tends to be rather inconsistent. TakeOver shows are always great, of course, but the weekly TV can be very hit or miss.

That said, at least once a month they tend to feature something during that hour that gets recommended to me. This month, so far, we have this nice little one on one.

Ricochet selling the limb work was excellent and made Cole look great and the endstretch worked very well as they built towards the finish. Both worked hard, as usual, and made what could have been a random filler match better than it needed to be.

I also loved the chaos after, especially Undisputed Era standing tall.

In all, this was a great, near TakeOver quality contest. Go check it out on Hulu when you have the chance.

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