Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest Review

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After enjoying the first film well enough, I decided to go ahead and work through to others. I currently own seven of the movies and will get the rest as needed.

Like Dead Zone, I hadn't seen this in a long time. It also takes place during the first season of DBZ but has some continuity issues you'll have to look past.

This was a touch better than Dead Zone, and a fairly good watch. If you enjoy the series, and haven't seen this one, know that it basically plays out like a mini-saga shortened down to an hour.

The fight scenes were enjoyable, the villains were interesting, and the comedy sprinkled in largely worked. Since it was an hour long, nothing overstayed its welcome but that also means that nothing really settled down into much of anything, either.

Worth checking out if you are a fan who missed out and you're seeking a quick action flick.

Rating: ***1/4

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