ROH TV Episode 386 Review

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Matches from ROH TV Episode 386
1.Villain Enterprises vs Bruiserweights,Quinn **3/4
2.NWA Heavyweight:Aldis(c) vs PJ Black ***

Ring of Honor has stepped up nicely after loosing The Elite, and this was another enjoyable episode of their weekly series.

We start with the Bruiserweights and Quinn in the ring suggesting that they are the next top group in ROH, though no official team name was given. This was likely just a setup to see Marty and crew take them out anyway. VE might not have lasting power, as Scurll is surely set to leave soon for AEW, but they are fun and are helping establish PCO and King as threats quickly which is smart booking. I also hope we see Corey and Skyler back soon. They are talented but never really stay anywhere of note for too long. Decent, crowd-pleasing opener.

The Kingdom challenge after was a nice follow up.

Our main event was better than expected, though a bit sloppy, and one of the best matches from either men. Solid, old school style defense of ten pounds of gold that was given more time than most TV matches regardless of the promotion.

I like the idea of seeing the NWA and ROH becoming closer partners, and hope that Ring of Honor also continues to strengthen their CMLL alliance this year.

We closed the show with the formation of one of the most promising stables in wrestling right now. Lifeblood look set to be a major part of the show going forward.

If you're a fan of Ring of Honor, this is pretty much required viewing.

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Overall Rating: 70/100%

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