Select Match Reviews: Please, Don't Leave! The Match

Match from Raw 02/11/2019
1.Raw Tag Titles:Roode,Gable(c) vs The Revival ***1/2

Outside of being the next stage in WWE's attempt to keep The Revival from leaving, this also happened to be a pretty enjoyable tag match. The issue for me, if I was in the position of the new champs, is that the chances of Vince remaining interested in pushing the tag division after a few months seems very unlikely given the track record, but I guess we'll see.

I left wanting to see Gable leave WWE once again, more than anyone else involved here and nearly more than anyone else on the roster. He remains one of the most impressive roster members that WWE has and would excel in a promotion like NJPW, ROH, or AEW.

Check this one out on Hulu to see one of the better main roster contests of the year so far.

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