Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Review

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You might have seen that I reviewed the first Dragon Ball Z film and posted it here. I plan on watching the entire film series, but I have another set of movies that I plan on watching and reviewing. For those who don't know, DC Comics has been putting out quality material in the form of animated films for years.

Many of the current animated releases that DC is putting out are part of a shared universe, known as the DCAMU. This continuity all starts with this very adaption.

Flashpoint Paradox, on it's own, is a fantastic viewing experience that handles the source material very well. In many ways, it is a perfect example of how to translate the page to film, and I applaud the writing and direction of Krieg and Oliva for the success as well as the great work from the voice actors that really sold the entire plot.

If you are seeking a mature blockbuster superhero flick with brutal deaths and major fights, this is a good pull. One of the few complaints I have is that the villains are more background fodder than anything else, especially Reverse Flash who I would've liked to have had more screen time.

Like I mentioned above, this sets up for a shared universe as the Flash creates an alternate timeline through his actions, splintering things outward. A post-credit scene shows Parademons emerging in Earth's orbit, establishing the threat that we'll see in the next DCAMU film, Justice League: War.

A review for War should come soon.

You can buy this film for about $10 here: https://tinyurl.com/y2ozx8dw

Rating: ****

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  1. Think they could have dragged this out for a year or 2 with 3 movies or so much like the dark knight returns parts 1-2 the death of superman/reign of superman. Would love to have gotten more of Thomas Wayne's back story but for the allowed time, it was great summmary of the event

    1. Yea, I get where you are coming from. More development for some of the characters would have been nice, but I get that they were all largely vehicles for the whole event more than anything else and for that, it worked. Like I said above, and to your point, Thawne could've used more screen time.