Umesaki, World Champion

Haruka Umesaki has held the World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana World Championship for a little over a year now. Considering her reign has largely gone under the radar for even the most diehard of fans, I thought I was overdue for an entry like this. Here is a collection of reign so you can take some time to watch one of the better champs in the game right now!

Props to Voices for spotlighting her months before this reign began. I'm not sure why those people don't like me. Oh well.

Her victory over Ayako Sato at Korakuen back in April, 2023. This one is very polarizing, for the record. I think it is alright, but agree it could've been better. Not all reigns start with fire.

Her first defense was against Kakeru Sekiguchi in Kawasaki. You'll be in rather exclusive territory if you watch this one. A good little gem?

vs Unagi Sayaka, she won the Iron Man Heavy Metal Title while defending her World strap in Kawasaki. Lost it back. This was back in January. A good pace really helps this one stand out nicely. A good display on Umesaki's growth. Want a post-match interview?

In February, she put the belt up against Ayame Sasamura. This one was at Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo. Another limited audience affair here. Another good little gem, too?

vs Mei Seira in Korakuen last month. Mei came down from STARDOM to challenge someone she has a lot of history with. Umesaki survived. This is the most recent defense and the final match of this set and shows even more growth for Haruka.

Diana isn't a well known promotion. Diehard joshi viewers don't even frequently tune in and coverage of the brand is largely non-existent. Like almost every promotion, there are still talents worth checking out. Umesaki is certainly worth a look. At the moment, she has the trajectory to be a key player in the next chapter of joshi. As long as Diana keeps giving her a platform, expect her to run with the opportunity! 

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