The Queen of Sendai, rough as it is...

Mika Iwata became Sendai Girls World Champion last year. Since, she's admittedly had some iffy booking attached to her, but she's taken the platform and ran with it as best as she can regardless of result. Here's a quick look at some highlights from her run from last September up until February of this year.

  1. Victory over Millie McKenzie to claim the title at The Big Show. One of the most overlooked matches of last year.

  2. Want a nontitle battle with Sareee? Fuck yeah, you do!

  3. Chihiro teams with the Queen to face Mio Momono & Sareee. This is one of the best tag matches of 2024, for the record...

  4. Iwata faced DASH in a hardcore rules match? Of course she did!

  5. Saori visited, challenged, was turned away. A test for Iwata for sure and one that landed well.

When more content is released by Sendai on YouTube we'll return.

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