The Update presents The People’s Champions Awards 2023 | From The Digest #150

The Update presents The People’s Champions Awards 2023

With the death of Grappl, Cagematch is the only source remaining that does well in collecting a large portion of the wrestling fanbase’s thoughts. That I am aware of, at least. Please, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, though. As a result of my current belief, we will be using them (cagematch) as the main asset for the People’s Champions section moving forward, including this awards piece right here!


Best Match of 2023

Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay, NJPW 01/04/23
User Rating: 9.76 Red’s Rating: ***** WON Rating: ******¼

Honorable mention: Mascara Dorada vs Rocky Romero, CMLL 12/15/23

Best Men’s Wrestler of 2023

Most Matches in Top 100: Will Ospreay (12 matches)

Honorable Mention: Jon Moxley (8 matches)

Best Women’s Wrestler of 2023

Most Matches in Top 100: Miyu Yamashita (5 matches)

Honorable Mention:  Shoko Nakajima (4 matches)

Best Tag Team of 2023

Most Matches in Top 100: Blackpool Combat Club (4 matches)

Honorable Mention: FTR (2 matches)

Worst Match of 2023

Bray Wyatt vs LA Knight, Pitch Black
User Rating: 2.05 WON Rating: ¾* 


Best Promotion of 2023

Most Events in Top 100: All Elite Wrestling (26 events)

Honorable mention: World Wrestling Entertainment (25 events)

Best Special Event of 2023

STARDOM All-Star Grand Queendom
User Rating: 9.41

Honorable Mention: ROH Jay Briscoe Tribute and Celebration of Life

Best Episode of 2023

WWE SmackDown Episode 1253
User Rating: 9.45

Honorable Mention: AEW Collision Episode 27 (Winter is Coming Night Three)

Best TV Program of 2023

Most Rated in Top 100: AEW Dynamite (15 episodes)

Honorable Mention: WWE Raw (9 episodes)

Worst Special Event of 2023

Circle 6 Queer Punk Outlaws

Worst Episode of 2023

WWE Raw Episode 1558

Section Written 12/20/23

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