Devils fans, get ready!

The Devils are looking to spark their latest march to the Stanley Cup this Thursday, facing Detroit at home at 7:30. Last year, and through their fantastic preseason display, the unit did well to hold the puck and do so with speed. The result? A little playoff run that showed fans that there was some actual life in New Jersey.

In the offseason, Bratt and Meier were given something to latch onto, Blackwood was told to fuck off, finally, and we got the Toffoli move. Loses will still need to be filled in, but the games that didn't matter this month did well to show reason to remain excited.

Set expectations properly, though.

Are the Devils champion contenders? I'd say no. Are they destined for another playoff run? That does feel like a safe bet. How could it not be, with Hughes, Dougie, Nico, and Mercer and their new friends on the roster?

It's simple, to be honest. As long as Jack stays healthy and some luck falls right,  I think Devils fans should be getting ready for a very fun campaign.

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