Victory Road Select Review | Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest 135

KUSHIDA and his haircut challenged Lio Rush for the X-Division title and the former tried his best to rip the arm off of the champ in this one. For an opener, this worked decently. Still, it felt a bit below expectations in my opinion. I certainly didn't need the sausage kick stuff and shit finishes on special events is basically never a good look, in my opinion.

MK Ultra defended the Knockouts Tag straps against Shaw and Evans in our second pull. While ultimately being a pretty basic tag match, I also thought the effort and lack of too much bullshit made it far more enjoyable than expected. Good stuff.

The bad taste I had in my mouth was washed clean thanks to Deonna and Grace's quality singles contest. The workhorses of the division, these two continue to provide for quality content regardless of what they're asked to do. Luckily, for us, they were asked to face off against each other this time. This should've been for the title instead of the trainwreck we'd get later.

Grace would eventually win, but either choice honestly would've been fine by me.

The Motor City Machine Guns challenged for the tag belts held by The Rascalz next. The heel side would hit Sabin in the back on the head with one of the straps for a nearfall, then Wentz shook some spray paint and ignored the danger caused by Shelley slowly walking up to him.

John Skyler would get involved, too.

You know what, I've said enough. This was a TV match full over overbooked bullshit that killed all momentum as a result. It featured a shit finish for good measure. No thanks.

Trinity defended the Knockouts belt against Alisha Edwards in the semi-main. A ref bump led to Eddie getting involved and gaining a bit of cheap heat along the way. I'll be blunt, like usual, and say that I think Trinity is a worker that can honestly be decent. She's nowhere close to being the top female worker on the roster and her opponent might be the worst. Traci and Kaz ran out to get involved, leading to the champ splashing onto Eddie and making a table collapse.

Yeah, you know what that's enough again.

Yet another overbooked contest and this one was with far worse talent. Skip it. 

Sadly, what I watched of Victory Road didn't really land well for me. I picked what I thought I'd most enjoy from the show and I left feeling like maybe I should've been far more careful about my selection process. Really, it was almost completely just weekly TV content on a themed stage. And not even good TV content. 

The exceptions are the Deonna/Grace match and the main event.

Alexander vs Maclin had been teased prior to Josh's injury a few months back, but a battle between the two without the belt felt like a big deal still. That's thanks to the fact that Josh is one of the best in the game right now and Maclin's growth of late, at well.

At least they ended on a strong note!?

This one actually reminded me a bit of the old Kurt/Lashley matches and saw two heavyweights working a legit, professional main event. Recommended content, folks! Well worth the time.

The show also saw Dreamer keep his career alive, winning the Digital Media gold from King. Did anyone want this? Tenay and West were announced to be joining the company Hall of Fame. PCO beat Bully in a match no one cares about. That's basically all you need to know about the rest.

Watch the two I gave some props to and ignore the rest of the show. If you are invested in the company but couldn't afford the membership, know that the most recent BTI covered a lot of this but admittedly did skip the two best things from the event.

Thanks, as always, for checking out my little corner. You rock!

Match Ratings

  1. X-Division Title: Lio Rush(c) vs KUSHIDA ***
  2. Knockouts Tag Titles: MK Ultra(c) vs Shaw, Evans ***
  3. Grace vs Deonna ***1/2
  4. Impact World Tag Titles: The Rascalz(c) vs Motor City Machine Guns **1/2
  5. Knockouts Title: Trinity(c) vs Edwards *1/2
  6. Maclin vs Alexander ****

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