Syracuse start 2023 campaign! | Game of the Week

Syracuse kick off their season tomorrow afternoon at 4, taking on their central NY opponents, Colgate, in the JMA. After a hot 6-0 start last season, before slumping along the rest of the year, these Orangey boys are hoping to start hot again but to, this time, actually stick the damn landing.

So, it all starts here. Will Otto receive his sacrifice or will we all suffer? 

If you're one of those awesome stat nerds, note that the two teams currently run a 31-31-5 record (with over a dozen in a row going to Syracuse). Expect another W here and the team to ultimately land about eight overall wins before the dust settles on the year.

Watch it on ESPN+.

Before I split, let me explain the Game of the Week series. I mean, the main idea is obvious, but I'll try to pick a game a week that I plan to watch and cover. I'll try to sell the game to you a bit. I'll later post a video highlight reel or something of it and chat a bit about it. Drop a comment and we can chat about the game if you want.

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