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It's Charles Bronson in a bloody, grungy western. What's not to like? Some films work well when you shut your brain off a bit after a long ass week, enjoy a snack and maybe a beer, and just sit back. This is one of 'em.

Charley B Tacos

First, make some fry bread.

You'll need a cup of flour, 1/2 a tablespoon baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, a half-cup of water (warmish), and some veggie oil. Mix the flour, powder, and salt and add in the water gradually stiring. It'll be soft and sticky. Just knead that shit until it's smooth, then cover your bowl and let it sit for half an hour or so.

Now, go heat some of that oil and put a little pancake disc of your size choice in the oil until it gets nice and puffy and golden brown. Flip it during the process and remove excess oil with a flour sack towel.

Next, make some taco meat to your preferences. I mean, you just brown some beef and mix in some seasoning. If it's cheap enough, use bison isntead. If you have a fun twist you like, do it. If you really need help on this part, drop a comment or hit me up another way and I'll help you out.

Now, put that meat on your fry bread. Add whatever toppings you tend to like, but I recommend considering meat, lettuce, shredded cheese, tomatoes (diced), pinto beans, and some green chili sauce while adding a touch of cumin to the meat as it cooks.

Just an idea. If you hate it, maybe you'll like the next one.

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