Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest no.106: A way too late look at the road to Double or Nothing, Part 3 (AEW Spark Episode 7 Review)

Third times a something or another and I'm back for another digest. You know the play here by now so we'll jump right in. This edition of AEW Spark is focused on Jericho and Cole, shit the Outcasts did, and a touch of Strickland shenanigans. I'll include embedded videos of standout stuff throughout the entry.


You can't not love Keith Lee and Jericho is a golden vet. A bit of a dumbass, but a golden vet nonetheless. Considering the state of both men, we got about the match we should expect out of both to start us off. A bit bloated. It worked as a backdoor pilot to revive tensions between the big dude and Swerve and featured Cole coming out to assist Lee and make eyes at Chris.

Next, The Outcasts took on Riho and Skye. I almost always forget to put the "e" and then feel like I need to double check when I actually remember. I'm also an idiot. Storm planted her to close this. Fine enough stuff but not enough meat. The heels went to nWo the faces but Hayter ran out to stop them on her own like a dweeb. Britt joined after to run the heels off and made Jamie look even more dweebish.

Moving ahead, Hayter and Britt took on Storm and Ruby in a tag match. A no-brainer match that was certain to be good at the very least was...good at the very least. Saraya would use Jamie's belt in an attempt to get a cheap win for the heels but a fun nearfall occurred instead. Another moments later saw Britt land Adam's finish. Eventually the dentist shoved her hand in Ruby's mouth and made her give up.

Jamie left quickly after with Britt, injured. Good stuff.

Adam and Jericho talked it out in the ring. Cole fanboyed and Chris was a dick. Jagoff was thrown out. Two dudes that are good on the mic were good on the mic. Eventually they'd trade shots with Adam getting the upper hand. Garcia ran out to swing things then Baker joined in and slapped Y2J. The Outcasts would attack from behind, joining the programs.

Adam was cuffed to the ropes and forced to watch Britt get canned. This segment was actually some of the best I've seen out of AEW in a while. This was absolutely the right place to run this segment.

Next, Cole spoke with some fire in the ring and called out Chris. Jericho would then ask for his music to be cut after it was cut. More fire TV, to be honest. The goons ran out to attack. Orange and Bandido tried to make the save. Failed. Strong debuted to actually make the save and looked like PWG Champion Strong.

Lee and Goldy won a squash on Rampage. Swerve and his buds came out to talk some shit and stare.

Saraya beat Willow in singles action, thanks to a little help from her pals. Shida ran out after for the save but then turned heel. Nah, nevermind, she actually was just fucking with the heels and helped Baker and Hayter. Hikaru would spray AEW on the girls after. I wouldn't have hated Shida joining the team, actually.

Keeping the Cole/Jericho angle moving, we had an atomico clusterfuck with Bandido and Orange joining Adam and Strong to take on Chris' good squad minus Sammy. Fun heat for the rudo side. I actually really enjoyed this match and felt it was exactly the type of building block I want more of.

I actually want more atomicos with multiple storylines mixed in, too.

Oh, and torneo ciberneticos.

But yeah, this was a blast and easily my favorite match of the set thus far. Very good TV content and literally everyone came off looking food. Long-era SmackDown! fans rejoice!

After, Cole ran full Sonic at Chris, seated at commentary, and went to town. Security broke it off while Jericho whined.

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Storm beat Kay on Rampage next. No one cared to help her while the heels did their thing in the post. I'm always happy to see these two on my screen.

Dark Order's Beaver Boys got a chance to show off, eventually fell to Strickland and Cage. Competent content and a fine midcard match for a Friday night that was ran as a main event. Good, like I suggested, but really proof further backing my position that this program is an abused child of Tony Khan. Contradiction time as I did also simultaneously find it fun seeing these four in a main-event spot.

Government Mule, Evil Uno, was beaten down alongside his buds by Swerve's heel unit until Lee and Dustin ran them off, weapons in hand.

Billy Graham passed away and was referenced during the next one; a falls count anywhere, arena walk-and-brawl featuring Strong and Jericho. I've been to an AEW show in Austin (area suburbs) before. An awesome dude gave me an Austin 5:12 shirt in the parking lot for free. I am a big fan of matches like these and had a blast with this one. 

I am all in on the way they are booking Roderick since his debut. This one was very DDT-ish in the best ways. The finish saw Adam Cole attack from behind once the two made their way outside and solidify the victory for the U.E. duo. Yea, I am using the Undisputed Era tag. I don't care, they fucking rocked as a unit.

Ruby and Storm took an W from the team of Shida and Baker. I honestly am digging Saraya's group. It is a bit sad that Ruby is a fall girl, though. A bit rough around the edges, in a way that largely added instead of subtracted, this was a good, albeit cheap, victory. Decent stuff.

No paint this time.

For some reason, Kaun and Dustin main evented Rampage.

Dustin bled buckets. Was his anti-hero, old-school-vet-self. Solid enough and I just wanted to see this to see if it was somehow better than expected and thus made it's spot on the card make some sense. It was fine, but didn't explain a thing. Rampage really could be a great show. Instead, it's more Dark on TV now than ever.

Cage beat down the old man after. Lee eventually cared enough to come down. He tossed aside dudes and then went to stare at Swerve. Cage and Kaun got up and doubled up on the big man. Chair shots were included. I actually enjoyed this decently enough. Strickland looks like he's smoking gas.

Cole came down through the fans and marched at Chris. The two traded shots on the ramp until "security" ran out. They'd keep it going for a while, trying to get one last major visual to sell the PPV match between the two. Good shit and an actual legit worthwhile thing on Rampage.

Saraya should call her finish the Friday Night.

Cole and Jericho's contract signing was up next.

Sabu being in an AEW ring is funny, to be honest. Tony is very fluid on stuff that offends him, making it feel more performative than not as a result. Billionaire's do love that tactic. I actually have had a few good conversations with the hardcore legend. He's a good dude. He's also a stupid dick. It's okay. I am, too. Maybe that's what T.K. sees and excuses Sabu's iffy stuff as a result? Whatever, we are inching closer and closer to one of five extinction scenarios so what does it matter.

Adam told Chris he was going to break bones and then he called him a bitch. Jericho then called all of Vegas a bunch of bitches and had the beat down of Britt run on the tron so that Cole could see it once again. 

Fuck, this soap opera program is awesome. Chairs were thrown. Fun was had. 

Last, for this run, we had Britt and Shida getting their required bounce-back win. Rose and Shafir ate the L. It was fine. The finish sequence was legit. Truthfully, the main purpose of including it at all was The Outcasts' involvement in the post. 

Some hidden gem content in this set, folks. Not to shabby. Did you enjoy everything evenly with me?

Let me know. 315.330.6840.

Match Ratings

  1. Jericho vs Lee **3/4
  2. Outcasts vs Riho, Blue **1/2
  3. Baker, Hayter vs The Outcasts ***1/4
  4. Naturally Limitless vs Brady, James NR
  5. Saraya vs Willow **1/2
  6. Undisputed Era, Bandido, Orange vs Jericho Appreciation Society ***1/2
  7. Storm vs Kay NR
  8. Beaver Boys vs Mogul Embassy ***
  9. Falls Count Anywhere: Jericho vs Strong ***1/2
  10. The Outcasts vs Shida, Baker **3/4
  11. Rhodes vs Kaun **1/2
  12. Marina, Rose vs Shida, Baker **1/2

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