Yo, Tony! Run a Cibernetico! (an open letter to Tony Khan)

Are you aware of torneo ciberneticos as a match gimmick, Tony? I'm sure you are because I know you're a mark like the rest of us. Well, if I am wrong let me quickly break it down or feel free to skip ahead if you'd like past the video below.

In the CMLL tradition of the cibernetico, you would start with a battle royale for seeding purposes that ends when it's down to two and then heads to the main stage. I know you dig battle royales, so this should be in your lane. Then, you take the workers and, based off of how the seeding section turns out, you place them on two teams on either side of the ring.

The team sizes are changeable, but I'd suggest ten or twelve.

From there, you have a batting order where tag ins are done in that order like in baseball. Elimination rules.

I might have done a poor job of explaining the rules, so below I have included a video of a recent example.

Now, please allow me to make a pitch.

Run one of these with the winner getting a world title shot.

Here's a pool recommendation:

  1. Rey Fenix
  2. Dante
  3. Penta 
  4. Jungle Boy
  5. Andrade
  6. Angelico
  7. Silver
  8. Buddy
  9. Darby
  10. Kingston
  11. Orange
  12. Strickland

The fact is, it works well for many reasons. First, it's an easy one to book. Second, it is a good TV time eater because you can easily book this to fill an entire hour of TV. Third, it gets a lot of people and angles all on TBS/TNT at the same time, depending on who you add in and what programs are running at the time. Forth, this is a solid way to determine a new contender for a between-programs defense.

In short, it's an easy home run. Let me know when you'd like me to join the crew.


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