Introducing Main Event Magic

Today I am introducing Main Event Magic, a new ongoing web show that will feature Arena gameplay, interviews, and more. This is to be considered a tie-in with the Black Lotus Journal which is a current print publication produced by RW+B on Substack.

I will be posting a pilot soon on multiple RW+B social media sites and am looking for players that are interested in contributing to the show. I will not be making any profit off of the show as it currently stands and as a result no one involved will be making money off it it, either.

I'm just wanting to be clear.

Those interested will need to be able to record themselves playing Arena and send it to me along with some recorded interview content. All can be done easily from a phone or laptop for free. I am aiming for a vibe that will be apparent to viewers of the upcoming pilot, but expect it to be similar to ONE's old Championship Weekly show or a serial wrestling program.

I'd also love to start a little league of sorts, perhaps.

Season 1 is currently planned to feature Ranked footage featuring myself and others that join the project, should anyone be interested. For those that care, I am currently stuck in Diamond status playing ranked standard more often than anything else.

Thanks for reading, be kind to yourself and others, and shoot me a text to 315-330-6840 or an email to

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