Statement on WWE coverage moving forward

It's a new year and I once again find myself a bit behind on things. In fact, I've made the poor choice to actually continue catching up while simultaneously attempting to watch some current content as well.

Luckily, that's about to get a bit easier.

The old (alleged) sex pest's return to WWE and everything that has followed has made the product unwatchable for me. I am aware that some might be rolling their eyes, which is fine. I just can't do it anymore. I respect the talent and wish them the best, but this little platform I've workhorsed into semi-relevance will not be used in any way to promote that umbrella moving forward and until further notice.

This means I am concluding my 2022 WWE coverage, too.

Lastly, do not mistake this for a judgmental post meant to belittle anyone that continues to support the brand in some fashion. It's not my place to shit on you for something so minor just because I no longer feel it to acceptable to me. 

Thank you, as always, for you time.

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