Re's Pro-Wrestling Digest #80: A box of chocolates and one of them is a warrior and another is a seed at sea or something (SEAdLINNNG, ChocoPro, Warrior Pro)

Match Ratings 

  1. Arisa vs Fujimoto ****1/4
  2. Super Asia Interim Title Decision: Akki vs Chon ***3/4
  3. Super Asia Title Undisputed Decision, Last Man Standing: Fujita(c) vs Akki(interim) ****1/4
  4. Asia Dream Tag Titles: BestBros(c) vs Calamari Drunken Kings ****1/2
  5. Super Asia Title: Akki(c) vs Emi ***3/4
  6. Asia Dream Tag Titles: Calamari Drunken Kings(c) vs Yankee Two Kenju ***3/4
  7. Mei vs Yuna ****
  8. Warrior Title, War of Attrition: Ospreay(c) vs Cage vs Swerve vs Archer vs Adonis vs KC vs Cobb vs Pillman vs Something ***1/2


This is meant to be one of the last 2022 related posts that I make. I just watched that MJF segment with Takeshita and needed something to help me get the taste of shit out of my mouth.

Arisa and Fujimoto kick us off. Anytime these two face off, you simply know that it's going to be a treat and that remained reality once more with this one. It wasn't for gold nor was it in the main event slot, but they tried their best to murder each other and the entire thing just fucking rocked. Nakajima remains a personal favorite.

Akki and Chon wrestled in everyone's favorite mat in a small room wrestling promotion and the winner got to call themselves an interim champ. You either get the charm of this type of wrestling or you don't, but I really had a blast with this one. It shows a lot of skill in being able to perform in this environment and make it work, but they did exactly that and I honestly recommend you consider checking this one out.

I didn't watch the entire episode, even though this was the only match on the card, so I won't consider this a review of ChocoPro #197.

The unification of returning and interim belts followed with Fujita trying to put away the previous match's victor. This main evented episode 200. A very emotional and respectful promo from Akki kicked us off and they worked a decent intensity level that really worked for me. They overdelivered for sure and made this feel like a big deal.

The Legend Defeater is what I am calling BA for now on.

The Asia Dream Tag belts were defended in my next pull with Akki and Mei taking on the CDK! Mei was a fucking squirrel here, which was a damn delight. If Mei isn't one of your favorite joshi artists than I might not trust you, for the record.

Just keeping things clear and honest.

In the interest of honesty, I still have no idea how I'm not blocked on Twitter by Brookes but I'm not complaining.

A rollercoaster ride of comedy and action that made this small stage feel huge best summarized this one and I strongly recommend it despite nearly feeling the need to add my C mark to the rating above.

Emi challenged for that Super Asia strap next and she bullied the champ around while he just kept pushing back time and time again. Great stuff, keeping it sweet and simple.

Expect Mercedes in Choco sooner than later...

Next, we have two from Gatoh proper's 10th anniversary show.

Rough around the edges a bit but great nonetheless, CDK would retain after a fun challenge. This actually reminded me of some of that shit I used to watch years back on the super low indie level puro shows so that was especially fun. Mileage will vary, but that's true of most of this set.

Last from the Phoenix Rises, Mei and Yuna main evented and they absolutely killing it. Suruga was her squirrel self and Yuna was more than serviceable an opponent. I'd actually like the see the latter against Chihiro at some point. Anyway, this was a four star joshi clash that, like the other pull above from this show, felt a bit like some of that fun indie joshi stuff I used to watch.

Maybe those are weird views and it's hard to really describe the feeling and vibe further, but hopefully these ramblings aren't completely lost on whomever might be reading.

To Warrior, we have the War of Attrition match.

The first segment was an 8-man tag. Pillman was the weak link and really should just be in NWA these days. Adonis wasn't very good, either. Nothing new there. After, we basically had a spotfest with a bit of drama for a while. KC would appear and toss Ospreay through a ringside table and then cash in the Warrior version of Money in the Bank to enter the match.

KC would act like a dick and nearly win. Cage came out again after he was eliminated and helped force a title change when that dick would pin Pillman moments later.

Pretty good and I get what they were aiming for, but this failed to land as strongly as it could have.

Not the strongest way to end this one, but that's okay. I felt like adding this here honestly made the entire thing more random which just felt...right for a set largely focused on ChocoPro stuff.

I have a few more 2022 posts to make as time allows, but you can expect my 2022 awards post rather soon.

Thanks for reading more ChocoPro!!!

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