Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #85: Fountain of Youth, a review of DG Cutting Edge Battle!! #161 (Yuki defends against Mochizuki!!)

Match Ratings

  1. Open the Dream Gate Title: Yuki(c) vs Mochizuki ****1/4


This episode is actually the latest from the series, it's just a month+ behind. Expect to see CEB!! arrive on the Weekly TV Roundup editions of the digest once they get into 2023 things.

Mochizuki, the old dude that wrestles like a late-30's, early-40's wrestler, challenged the reign of Yuki and failed. A fantastic showcase for not just the vet, but also the young champ. I've sincerely enjoyed the growth I've seen out of Yoshioka and am eager to see the Ben-K/Final Gate defense next. That should be another huge test though I am not certain when it'll air on this program. Maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe go fuck yourself. That's how DG airs this show.

This company has so many young stars alongside youthful vets and this did well to represent the promotion rather well as a result. The lone contest of the installment was well worth seeing, thus the episode itself was well worth seeing.

Oh, and seeing Masaaki respond to a frog splash with a straight ass punch was solid gold.

After, Mochizuki told the champ to chill out and then a delivery boy brought a challenge...

Yeah, watch this!

Overall rating of episode: 90/100%

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