Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #84: Proof that CM Punk is heading back to AEW, a conspiracy theory or real? Who fucking knows!

The Elite like to tease things in the ring, on Twitter, on BTE, and really anywhere else they want. What I previously thought was meant to be teases mocking the All Out situation, I now consider a possible nod to a return on the horizon for a certain straight edge drama king.

It starts with a picture.

The image I've assaulted with my "skills" that tops this entry features Brody King and CM Punk in Los Angeles and was seemingly taken last week.

On the latest BTE, as pointed out by a good bud of mine and fellow Punk conspiracy theorist, that the Bucks referenced a huge relief aiding in a rough week prior and that whatever it was occurred on Tuesday. I also am aware that Colt Cabana was in the area.

I personally would be fine if Punk fades away from the business at this point but I also agree that there's a big money match or two or three waiting if they get him back. I am unsure how they'll sell it to the roster, many still soured by the experience from what I'm hearing, but I do know it'll take some work.

So it seems at least possible that last Tuesday saw a bunch of professionals deciding to act like adults and move petty shit into a dumpster. If this is true, I do expect to find myself asking aloud if it's worth the risk.

But who the fuck am I?

Note that Bryan Alvarez did this...

...and likely thinks this post is just click-bait. Who the fuck is he anyway, though!? I mean...I guess it is, but doing it while being lighthearted in nature counts for something. I think, at least.

Lastly, as a P.S. of sorts, I should note that I recently saw it suggested that Sting's retirement outing should be a Blood & Guts match and I now find myself craving this to shape into reality. Someone, go and bug T.K. until he takes note!

Please, do not actually harass anyone.....obviously!

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