This is the first time I'm duel posting this ongoing series. It's usual home is on Substack and it was exclusive to that site prior to now. I'm simply hoping to expand the reach, honestly. It replaces the old dWo series that I used to write.

The Yankees took 5 to move forward, besting the Guardians in New York this past Tuesday. The game had been rescheduled after some shit weather. Outside of a comical moment with a dropped ball, this was a charismatic statement of a victory. The fans were spirited and the taunts were many as the Bronx Bombers win the ALDS.

What a fucking show, people. The playoffs are a gritty-yet-polished showcase of fighting spirit and triumph for some and utter collapse for others. Thus far, the Yankees are showing determination to make a statement.

Next up, the pinstripe band play their music in a best-of-7 that’s dripping in history as they face off against Houston’s bad boys. I spent a lot of my life near Houston and I remember no one giving a fuck, outside of a small handful of people, when it came to the Astros. For years. The second they started winning (read: cheating) is the moment Houstonians started to get cocky.

It’ll be a tough series, as Houston is a legit menace, but I’m seeing New York pushing ahead to face the Phillies in an epic World Series to close out this year of baseball.

Moving along, football is certainly far more interesting than anyone thought in the metro. New York fans, along with football fans in general, knew Buffalo was going to be legit. The two teams that I cover, on the other hand, were set to be bottom feeders once again.

I was completely wrong.

The blue side are 5-1 and will likely tack on another in that W column this weekend against Jacksonville. At least the Jags still suck. Sorry, TK.

Gang Green are 4-2 and have been impressive in their past three games, besting the Steelers, Dolphins, and Packers in a series that had Jets fans finally cheering for the first time in years for this fucking shit show of a team.

I’m a diehard Jets fan, for the record. They fucking suck, people. I love ‘em.

They have a real chance against Denver this weekend. Hell, they could somehow end up facing Minnesota this December with a few more wins before kickoff. My prayers to the football gods are apparently finally getting answered or something.

In the world of college football, the two mWo covered teams are telling two very different stories.

Rutgers is splitting even, currently sitting at 3-3, and have been putting in for some entertaining games, at least. Their victories, and one of their L’s, were full of effort while their games against Iowa and Ohio State were reminders that this team is far from being sincerely good.

Expect a small bowl game and some fun along the way. That’s enough, some times.

Syracuse is overdelivering (like the Jets and Giants) and have been a threat to follow. This past weekend, they walked in ranked 18th and walked out victorious over North Carolina State (#15 at the time, now unranked).

24-9 was the score in that big win and they are now 6-0 for the season. College football is insane.

‘Cuse in now up to 14th in the top 25 and nothing seems real anymore.

The biggest test of the season is ahead, though. They’ll be facing off against the titans that are Clemson (#5) on the 22nd. They are walking in with an ego and all the confidence in the world. Anything can happen in these games and weirder things have happened. A few slip ups would mark one perhaps the biggest moment the school has had on the field in a very, very long time.

I urge anyone reading this to tune in. It’ll be a spectacle one way or another.

That’s it for this edition of the mWo Sports Digest. Thanks as always for stopping by!