Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #30: We are STARDOM!! Catchup pt. 1

Yup, it's time once again to look at STARDOM. I really shouldn't claim to consider this the best weekly ongoing wrestling show, in my opinion, considering the fact that I get pretty behind on it as often as I do, but We are STARDOM!! truly is a gem that I continue to enjoy. I'll be using installments and bits of the program for the pull list, for those that might care to know the source utilized.

Up first, Syuri defending her world strap against Mayu. Great, though admittedly a bit underwhelming considering the talent involved. Not everything can be a homerun and this was truly enjoyable either way.

Next up, I watched episode 127 which featured the semi and finals matches of this year's Cinderella series. As excited as I was to watch this contests, I admit that they are perhaps the weakest overall of the entire set. Spirited, for sure, but lacking regardless. The finals were the only thing I even recommend here. I say skip these as well as the episode itself and I give the entire installment an overall 70/100% rating. Good, but nothing you need to really watch in any real rush or anything.


Congrats to MIRAI for getting the nod.

I admit that this isn't off to as strong as a start as I thought it'd be when I first wrote down the pull list but it's far from bad and I'm having a good time, at least.

Next, we have another full episode (#128). This one came from the same event as the previously reviewed edition of We are STARDOM!!, for those of you keeping track of such things.

Match one saw Gatoh standout, Mei, getting a shot of AZM and the High Speed strap. The former was her usual self, in a good way, providing for an energetic performance. The champ played her role well, too, providing for a competitive opponent to the antics. I'd have loved to see Suruga take the W, truth be told, but I was happy to just get to see this encounter at all. Great content, getting us back on track.

Mei slapped away an outstreched hand from AZM after and then we saw Syuri backstage ahead of the main event.

We closed this one with another title match, this seeing Syuri defend for the second time this set against Himeka. I appreciated the back-and-forth exchanges for sure and loved seeing the two in a main event spot with the belt on the line. It was certainly one of those title defenses that elevated both and they delivered to provide for my favorite match so far.

My overall rating for episode 128 is 80/100%.

Another full episode? Yup.

This one kicked off with God's Eye versus Donna del Mondo in a big elimination match. I really am excited about this storyline, with Syuri splitting away from Giulia and crew to form her own unit. It helps build that fire further considering how well this stip was used and how fantastic a contest this was. I sincerely loved the delivery here and strongly recommend it.

It was also Konami's return, for the record.

The main this time was for the company tag straps. STARS took the W thanks to a flashpin finish that closed out a borderline great contest that built up nicely as it went.

This Goddess Festival event looks to be pretty good in general. Episode 129 gets a 80/100%.

We close with two more matches and one more full episode.

Thekla put up the SWA Undisputed strap to start episode 130. She reminds me a lot of Kenny Omega and has a lot of potential. I admittedly doubt she'd ever be that level of a performer, but she has been improving a lot. My favorite STARDOM roster member won gold here, which served as enough of a reason for me to watch. The fact that they worked hard and gave us a very good title match is enough for me to recommend it.

Lastly, this time, we have the Wonder belt on the line as Saya faced up against Maika. We ended on a high note, folks, as this was a fantastic battle of wills. I loved the pacing and drama and consider this to be one of the best pulls this go around.

I give the overall episode an 80/100%.

The 30th edition of the PWD was a fun ride and, of the ten pulls, 8 were worth recommending and the other two were at least generally good. If you're in the mood for some joshi, perhaps consider something from this buffet.

Matches Reviewed

  1. World of STARDOM Title: Syuri(c) vs Mayu ***3/4
  2. Cinderella Tournament Semi: Koguma vs Hazuki ***
  3. Cinderella Tournament Semi: MIRAI vs Natsupoi ***1/4
  4. Cinderella Tournament Final: MIRAI vs Koguma ***1/2
  5. High Speed Title: AZM(c) vs Mei ***3/4
  6. World of STARDOM Title: Syuri(c) vs Himeka ****
  7. Elimination: God's Eye vs Donna del Mondo ****1/4
  8. Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Oedo Tai(c) vs STARS ***1/2
  9. SWA Undisputed World Title: Thekla(c) vs Mayu ***1/2
  10. Wonder of STARDOM Title: Saya(c) vs Maika ****

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