We are STARDOM!! #121 Review

  1. Mayu Iwatani, KAIRI vs Cosmic Angels (Tam,Unagi) ***1/2
  2. Goddess of STARDOM Titles: STARS(c) vs Oedo Tai ***1/4
  3. Wonder of STARDOM Title: Saya(c) vs Utami ***1/2


Look, I'm rather simple a fellow. I like pro-wrestling and a weekly, half-hour joshi series is my favorite wrestling program because it's top shelf action. I don't need overly convoluted storytelling and overdramatic acting when I can just watch a few people beat the fuck out of each other for 20-so-minutes and I'm going to be happy.

This episode provided exactly that, along with the return of KAIRI which is something I have been beyond excited to finally see. The opener was exactly that, with KAIRI and Mayu besting Tam and Unagi in a fun sprint. KAIRI had little in the form of ring rust and will gel right back into this roster nicely and I'm now eager to see how she is used moving forward.

Black Desire time!

The brand's tag straps were on the line, with STARS' Hazuki and Koguma defending against the Oedo Tai duo. They kept a decent pace and the layout worked well enough that the interference and cheap shit didn't take much away from the quality.

STARDOM and DG are masters at that.

Fairly good stuff that barely missed recommendation levels. I fully support the title change here, too.

Lastly, we had the Wonder defense with Saya putting the white belt up against challenger Utami. The good news is that this was very good, borderline great even, and I'd argue the right person won considering the circumstances. The bad news is that there were a few rough moments that took away from the overall quality that were a bit too noticeable to ignore.

Whatever, in all this was a pretty worthwhile episode. Everything was ultimately good, we had a big return, two title matches, one with a title change. That makes this one an easy recommendation.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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