AEW Rampage #40 Review


  1. Baker, Hayter vs Ruby, Storm **1/2
  2. Hook vs Drake NR
  3. Riho vs Yuka ***1/4
  4. Takeshita vs Lethal ***1/2


The first match was fine, but never pushed on the gas. Ultimately, they just gave us a throwaway tag that I'll forget about in a day. Still, it was okay for an opener and at least they got some TV time.

Kingston called in and cut a promo reminding me a lot of ECW Foley next on Jericho. Good shit.

Nese and Danhausen is set up.

Hook and JD Drake was over quick. It was the right move considering the participants but I still am longing to see JD (and his partner) get a real chance to show off.

After, Danhausen comes out and asked Hook to be in his corner for the upcoming and beforementioned Nese match. It was a fine segment as we come closer and closer to seeing a Blackman/Snow style team on weekly TV again.

FTR chat backstage about The Owen.

Our semi saw Riho defeat Yuka in a match that just missed recommendation levels by a hair. The closing stretch in particular was enjoyable entertainment. I would've preferred a stronger finish perhaps, but it worked well enough and I am hopeful that they ran this one instead because they are wanting to actually start using Sakazaki in some form. Your mileage will vary, but I'm sure some enjoyed it even more than myself.

Spears chats about Wardlow.

We get Dan Lambert, Ethan Page, and Scorpio Sky next. The 2x TNT Champion came off very well here, further teasing a face turn along the way. I've been wanting to see the dude in a better spot since AEW launched and it looks like we're about to get it finally. This segment worked well for many reasons plus it set up a defense against Kazarian which should be solid.

Thumbs up.

Starks and Jungle Boy had a moment, getting us ready for their title shot and the next chapter of the program between Jurassic Express and Team Taz.

Takeshita isn't afraid of Lethal. Dutt is triggered.

The main event was borderline great and I am actually very excited that we got to see this one. Frequent visitors to the site know that I enjoy DDT and am a huge fan of Takeshita. In fact, I consider the dude to be one of the best overall in-ring workers in the world. While the result was never in question and while I have been critical of the way they've used Konosuke in general, I was at least rewarded here for my patience in a way. If you've never watched the dude's work before, go ahead and start here and then branch out. Hell, hit me up for recommendations if you'd like or wait for me to inevitably write something up on my own. 

Whatever you want my ghosts.

After, the Ring of Honor program that TK has been placing on AEW TV until he has a new deal for ROH continued. Lethal and crew acted like dicks, Orange and crew came out to start shit, Joe came out to end the segment.

Sadly I think that this ending to the episode brought the mood down a tad, but you might be far more into the angle than I am.

Following a rather forgettable episode of Dynamite, I was hopeful I would be rewarded with a Rampage installment that stepped up big. Admittedly this wasn't a homerun, but I'd argue it was at least a far superior experience. 

Eddie's call was short but sweet and really well done.

Riho and Yuka was entertaining joshi content and I'm always up for more of that.

Scorpio Sky continued his transition and his segment came off rather well.

Takeshita versus Lethal was a very strong contest and hopefully sets us up for more of the ace on AEW television.

Everything else was fine at the very least.

In all, Rampage 40 was an hour of entertainment that flowed pretty well and delivered nicely enough as a total package, despite having a few flaws. Consider making time for it if you haven't already or just check out select videos from the AEW YouTube channel at the very least.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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