AEW Rampage #42 Review


  1. House of Black vs Dark Order, Fuego del Sol **3/4
  2. Spears vs Damo NR
  3. Velvet vs Stratlander ***
  4. BCC vs Dante, Sydal ***1//4


While a tad disjointed, the opener was ultimately a solid start to the episode. I know some people hate the way AEW books matches, giving lesser teams a lot of offense and such, but I am always a big supporter of the style personally.

Death Triangle had a tombstone with the House of Black name on it.

Caster and Gunn Club are going to scissor or something like that.

FTR accepted Roppongi's challenge and wants the IWGP straps next.

Big Damo is back on television, got in a bit of offense, but was inevitably fed to Spears ahead of the Wardlow cage match. Too short to rate.

Cutler was punked on, Cole and Kyle tease a finger poke, etc. Matt and Nick want Matt and Jeff and officially made their challenge.

Red Velvet and Kris Stratlander was a good one. A few tweaks and it'd be even more enjoyable. A protected finish saw Kris move ahead. The Baddies attacked after, Ruby and Jay ran them off.

Hook and Danhausen train. Nese trains Sterling.

Sammy and Kaz fucked up the TNT strap.

I dug the build to the main.

The main event was borderline recommendation levels and a nice, professional tag team outing that eventually saw Mox and Danielson pick up yet another win.

Above is an embedded video showcasing what happened after the installment closed. I'm sure you've heard about it and it certainly was a weird fucking thing so make sure to watch it. Let the rumors flow.

In all, this episode featured nothing that was must-see but it was a good edition overall and it went down rather easy. Don't rush to it, presuming you missed it, but walk if it seems interesting enough.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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