Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle #131 Review


1.Open the Triangle Gate Titles: R.E.D.(c) vs MASQUERADE ***1/2


This episode started with a look at the previous installment, which saw Shun Skywalker betray his partner, costing Dragon Dia his mask as well as Dia Inferno unmasking as a result. We jumped forward to see MASQUERADE drama in the ring before launching into a Triangle Gate defense.

Skywalker was trying to make it up to his allies here, and the unit even picked up the win and the belts, but a miscommunication near the end added to the drama when the former Open the Dream Gate Champion nailed Minoura with a boot.

The contest was pretty good shit, but the story was admittedly the main focus of the match and the episode this time. It's all rather basic stuff, in a way, but it's being handled rather well in my opinion and is built off of the superb episode that preceded it.

After, there was a bit of tension but in the end MASQUERADE stood together.

If you checked out 130 at my recommendation, go ahead and watch this as a sequel.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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