We are STARDOM!! #108 Review


1.Artist of STARDOM Title, ¥10,000,000 Unit Tournament: Donna del Mondo(c) vs Team Marvelous **3/4

2.¥10,000,000 Unit Tournament: STARS vs Cosmic Angels NR

3.Artist of STARDOM Title, ¥10,000,000 Unit Tournament Final, Ladder Elimination: Donna del Mondo(c) vs STARS ****


This one packed a lot of action into half an hour, all focused on a big money tournament ending with a fantastic spotfest ladder match. It flowed by even quicker than usual and was well worth watching. I'd say to just check out the main if you're in a hurry, but really this entire edition was just worth catching.

God, I love this show!

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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